About Us

When you hire K.O. DOG TRAINING, you are hiring knowledgeable and experienced professionals.  Founded by Philip Kaough, we are a husband & wife team – we do not hire outside trainers as we want to interact with and know every dog that we train!  We enjoy being able to help dog owners and their dogs achieve a more harmonious life through our Positive Reinforcement, Rewards Based, and Relationship/Leadership Training Programs and Methods.  Here is more about us…

Philip Kaough

Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT)

Pet CPR & First-Aid Certified

A.K.C. Endorsed Canine Good Citizen Trainer & Evaluator


Philip has always had a natural ability to understand and communicate effectively with dogs.  Philip built upon this innate ability by completing Animal Behavior College’s Certified Dog Training Program, and through years of professional work experience as a Dog Trainer & Consultant.  As Lead Trainer, and through various training programs and methods, Philip’s desire is to build the relationship between the owner and dog so that the dog has a kind, confident, and fair leader.  This leadership provides mutual understanding and respect, and helps lead to compliance with trained behaviors.  Philip trains effectively with Positive Reinforcement, Rewards Based Training, and Setting The Dog Up To Succeed.  Dogs like to be rewarded for accomplishments and good performance, just as people do.  Therefore, Philip emphasizes the importance of knowing a dog’s motivators, and praising & rewarding dogs for their good behavior and performance. 


Michelle Kaough

Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT)

Certified Police K9 Trainer

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified


As a young adult, Michelle discovered a passion for dogs soon after acquiring her first Australian Shepherd (and then another, and then another!).  Michelle soon became known by family, friends, and coworkers as “the dog person” – the one to call when they needed some advice with their own dogs.  While working in another professional field for much of her life as an insurance agent, she began working with Philip in 2016 and began the process of becoming a Certified Dog Trainer as well.  By 2017, she completed the Animal Behavior College Program and was Honor Graduate of her class.  In 2019 Michelle completed a specialized training program where she earned her designation as a Certified Police K9 Trainer.  She most enjoys helping personal and working dogs with behavioral problems, and scent detection training & handling for working K9's. Michelle is a Balanced Trainer, and uses Positive Reinforcement and Rewards Based Training to teach & reinforce new behaviors in all dogs.  She emphasizes the importance of Timing, and understanding and use of Body Language which is a primary language for dogs.  

Veteran Owned & Operated