Testimomnials from our Customers


Austrian Pinscher Mix

"Philip & Michelle are absolutely incredible dog trainers and they know exactly what they are doing. My husband and I brought our year and a half year old rescue to them who had pretty bad leash reactivity issues and aggression with his food/high value treats. They quickly identified what needed to be addressed and worked on it within his training plan. We also discussed and really loved the hands on training and how they gave us homework with what we should be working on outside of training with our dog to help improve the issues we were having. Each session we noticed huge improvements in his behavior and now he is focused on my husband or I rather than every other dog that comes near him. If you are considering KO dog training - this is your sign to just do it! You won't regret this decision!"

Samantha S. - 8/24/2023


Labrador Retriever (Service Dog)

Baloo has been such a help giving my husband confidence to live his best life. Baloo has been on planes, trains, buses, trams, boats, and even a cruise ship earlier this year. The Public Access training we all did together was great groundwork for the confident dog he is today!  This all in addition to the unique/effective task that was trained in Baloo.

KIMBERLY J. - 8/5/2023


Yorkshire Terrier Mix

"We cannot thank Philip and Michelle enough for their patience, flexibility, and knowledge to help our rescue dog Corbin learn how to live life in society. When we adoped Corbin, we could not go out in public, for walks, or have our windows open because he barked and reacted aggressively at everything and everyone he saw. Despite our efforts to train him on our own, and Corbin's love for my boyfiend and myself, nothing worked. We were concerned we would be confined to our home, with our blinds shut, which was not our idea of having a dog as a companion. This is when we turned to Philip and Michelle for help. Each week they took their time to educate us on Corbin's behaviors and took us through trianing techniques to help Corbin overcome his aggression/fear. This was no easy task and sometimes we left feeling defeated that Corbin may never change. But we never gave up, and neither did Philip and Michelle. Much to our surprise, the final two training sessions, Michelle was open to taking a different approach that was less overwheliming for Corbin, while also advancing  our behavior modification approach. And guess what? IT WORKED! Corbin is now a happy, curious dog that loves to go for walks, travel on airplanes, hang out a hotels, and we can keep our balcony door oepn all day with barely any reaction. We could not be more thrilled on how far Corbin has come and now we have the dog companion we always wanted! Thank you Philip and Michelle!"

KRISTA W. - 7/21/2023


Pug Mix

"We adoped a dog beginning of this year with behaviors (anxiety). She was found in the streets of Indio California and was placed in four foster homes until she came to us.  K.O. dog training was suggested to us. We did their six week obedience course and have seen such a change in our girl. Been working with her on the tips given and she is improving daily. She has become a sweet, loving, and obedienct dog. We plan on continuing her training with them and some day hope to have her trained as my service dog. Phil & Michele are passionate about what they do and it shows in their trainings. So pleased to have met them both."

ROMY D. - 7/17/2023


German Shorthaired Pointer

"Philip and Michelle were very professional and set goals for us and our puppy. We were able to achieve them and now I'm able to feel confident in walking my dog in public places. Highly recommend KO dog training." 

EMILY M. - 7/14/2023


Mini Australian Shepherd

"Our dog, Jake, was very timid and wouldn't leave my side. Even after a year since we adopted him, he would not warm up to my husband and wouldn't let anyone but me pet or pick him up. After less than 6 weeks of training with Philip and Michelle, it's like we have a different dog. He is now much more confident and outgoing, and he loves to play with both my husband and me. We love the fact that Philip and Michelle made sure that my husband and I were involved in the training process, so that we could learn how to continue Jake's training at home. We also really appreciate that they use positive reinforcement methods, which made training Jake a lot of fun for both of us. This helped us to strengthen our bond with Jake and to learn how to communicate with him effectively. We also learned a lot about dog behavior and training, which has been invaluable.  Jake seems much happier and more relaxed since he started trianing. He loves working on his commands, and he especially loved his play time with Kiki and Bailey (Philip and Michelle's dogs). We highly recommend K.O. Dog Training to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and patient, and they really care a bout the dogs and their owners". 

Ashley F. - 7/9/2023


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

"Great trainers for my puppy!  Saw results right away!"

Jennifer T. - 7/1/2023



"We had a great experience at KO Dog Training. Philip and Michelle know what they are doing and are very professional. Our dog had some "issues" and they were able to work with us in a meaningful way to resolve those issues. Our dog, Chip, is doing great and we now have the tools to work with him in a consistent meaningful way when other issues arise."

Richard U. - 6/29/2023


French Bulldog

"Such a great experience with K.O. Dog Training. Philip and Michele were always very professionals in each section. You can definitely notice their experience since day one. Now I can say I have a well behaved and happier dog and I can only be thankful to the K.O. team for their incredible work. Thank you for a great expereince".

Cynthia P. - 6/4/2023 


Border Collie Mix

"Philip and Michelle are so awesome!!! Our dog Finn made major impovements with their training. We learned a ton and are SO happy with his progress. Thank you guys again!!"

DOHO Vans - 5/2/2023


French Bulldog

"Philip and Michelle are salt-of-the-earth people and GREAT trainers. They  have a kind, yet firm approach in teaching both the dogs and their owners how to behave. The value is there for the price and we can't say enough good things about our experience with them!"

Ashley H. - 3/22/2023


Australian Shepherd

"Philip is the best dog trainer I've ever worked with. He saw the sweet puppy we knew and helped us guide puppy Asher to not be leash aggressive or scared of people!!"

Alexa M. - 3/12/2023


German Shepherd Dog

"My husband and I had our 8 month old german shepherd trained by Philip and Michelle and I cannot priase them enough. We did the behavioral training they offer and it has made the biggest difference.  They were so patient and kind throughout the whole process and truly a pleasure to work with. I easily recommend anyone in the area to have your dog trianed by them!".

Madison B. - 3/7/2023


German Shorthaired Pointer

"We absolutely loved our puppy training program with Philip and Michelle. We decided for K.O. Dog Training after doing some online research and initial assessment meet up. We got to see that Philip and Michelle are extremely dedicated, loving and knowledgabe as soon as we met them. We started training our GSP puppy when she was 11 weeks old, as we wanted to make sure we understand how to best train her and set her up for success for all future trainings. As GSPs are very high energy we felt the puppy traning was perfect for us, and Philip and Michelle always left space for customing towards our specific questions and issue. They were very supportive in answering all our questions during the training but also outside the training times. We also appreciated all the learning materials they provided. And not to forget, our puppy received a super cute "graduation" gift! We can't wait to continue training Skyla with K.O. Dog Training and can highly recommend Philip and Michelle to anybody who is looking for amazing trainers. THANK YOU!".

Anna E. - 3/2/2023


German Shepherd Dog

"I can not speak highly enough about K.O. Dog Training. Philip and Michele are true professionals and are very evidently passionate about their training.  We went to them with a 5 year old GSD, my pride and joy, Maverick, who had took a turn for the worse growing aggressive towards other dogs when this wasn't his previous behavior.  We thought he just became aggressive, however, Philip and Michele identified he was not actually aggressive, but had behavioral issues and needed reassurance from us as a leader in control. They also worked with my wife and her nervousness leading Maverick. As per their recommendation we completed their basic obeedience course, with additional work walking Maverick in public places with other dogs.  In conclusion, Maverick is now a well behaved dog. My wife now walks him on her own in public spaces with minimal to no reactions towards other dogs. Which may seem trivial but before this training would've been a nightmare. He is not perfect, and it is still a work in progress, however it was only made possible by Philip and Michele's efforts and wisdom.  If you are in Orange County, K.O. Dog Training is where you should go. Philip and Michele are personable and good people. They were available at random times all throughout our training to answer questions, check in, and assist, it wasn't just the one hour per week. Whether you have a "problem dog" like us or a new puppy you want to teach basic obedience, this is the training service for you. I would like to mention, we took the training seriously and did our weekly "homework" between sessions. You can not expect a significant change from 1x per week for 6 weeks. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort for your furry companion you will not see a change and no one is to blame except for you. That being said, if you want to see a change and you are willing to put in the work your dog deserves then they are your people.  Thank you Michele and Philip. You saved us from a potential nightmare with Maverick we saw as a possible reality".

Frankie N. - 01/29/2023



"We brought our 1 and a half year old Aussiedoodle, Finn, to KO dog training for an obedience refresh and to work on his impulse control. From the initial assesment to the last training session working with Michelle and Philip was such a pleasure! We were truly blown away and impressed by their knowledge and the improvements we saw in Finn so quickly. Michelle and Philip made the entire process seamless and we appreciate that they're available in between sessions if we had any additional quesitons and to offer recommendations. Not only did we look forward to the weekly training sessions but so did Finn! We're going to miss seeing them weekly!! Don't hesitate to book a training session with KO dog training, they really are the best in the area, highly skilled at what they do, and truly great people all around!!".

Alexandra B. - 01/20/2023


Labrador Retriever

"K.O. training staff is awesome. We consulted them as we were overwhelmed with our 12 week old lab puppy. Philip and Michelle gave us some immediate training tools that made all the differences. Our puppy, now teenager is doing great.  Highly recommend them!"

Wendi and Ron S. - 12/29/2022


German Shepherd/Husky Mix

"My husband and I could not have chosen better trainers than Michelle and Phil! We knew from the initial call and consultation that both of them take pride in their work and truly care about our fur babies. It's also wonderful to see a veteran owned training operation! Buddy was our first pet and he was quite a handful as a husky/GS mix. I had taken Buddy to another trainer previously to teach Buddy the bare bones/basics, but with K.O. Dog training, we were able to address Buddy's main issues which had to do with impulse control/excessive licking/lunging at other dogs/pulling on leash, as well as a refresher on basic obedience. I truly wish I had brought him to you guys sooner!! We have seen such a positive change in Buddy's behavior around other dogs/people. Michelle and Phil taught us how to respond and react to Buddy's unwanted behaviors and kept weekly reports on Buddy's progress.  Taking him on walks used to be extremely stressful, but now it's a breeze and enjoyable. At the end of our 6 week session, Buddy passed his obedience test with flying colors!!! Thank you Phil and Michelle!

Emma N. - 11/29/2022


Labrador Retriever

"Excellent training. Keep records of your dogs progress and review this before and after each session. Philip and his wife work well as a team and use the same training techniques. They are both very skilled in their assessment of your dogs weakness and strengths."

Gudrun S. - 10/28/2022



"We had a great experience with both Phillip and Michelle in Seneca, SC. They gave us great advice and direction with our rescue pitbull. The flexibility was a huge plus for me as well as the adaptability with work schedules. They are very knowledgeable and focused on the specific goals we were looking for in training. Now we have the tools to go forward with training on our own and know that we can always ask Phillip or Michelle for more help. Thank you so much K.O. Dog Training! I would highly recommend these lovely people for any kind of easy to difficult pups/doggos.  I have so much hope for my sweet Pearl and loved finding out how smart she really is!! Now we have real goals!"

Regan D. - 10/25/2022



"My wife and I and Biscuit, our 6 month old Golden Doodle, had the pleasure of working with Phillip and Michele at KO Dog Training over the past several months. I can honestly say it was a pleasure for the 'whole family' to have the opportunity to participate in this 'one on one' training. I am not sure who learned more, the humans or the puppy, but, it was time well spent for all involved. Phillip and Michele lead us through a well planned and systematic process of human and canine development. They were extremely personable and accomodating to our schedule (I had knee replacement surgery mid way through the training) and my wife was able to step in and take the lead in completing Biscuit's training. In addition they were extremely easy to work with, informative, communicative and insightful. They gave us the tools we needed to develop our Doodle into a companion that we can take anywhere and never be concerned that he would not make us proud. Additionally, their commitment continuing consultation as a KO Graduate is a much appreciated added bonus. If you are looking for high quality 'one on one' training and not being relegated to being a number in a group where personal interaction with the trainer is limited or nonexistent, then Phillip and Michele from KO Dog Training are the best possible choice. We interviewed a number of 'trainers' and we can recommend Phillip and Michele wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, insightful and compassionate partner in your Pup's growth and development".

Frank M. - 10/13/2022


German Shepherd

"Skilled and caring trainer did a great job at teaching the basics to help our pup. Unfortunately we weren't able to complete all sessions and were not charged. Reasonably priced and very accomodating. Just nice folks!'.

Marjorie (Ann) M. - 09/16/2022


"Chug" (Chihuahua/Pug Mix)

"My family and I purchased a difficult puppy earlier this year and were struggling to find a trainer that could fill our unique needs. We finally found Philip and Michelle from K.O. Dog Training and they have changed our lives forever! K.O. Dog Trianing was able to help us each step of the way as we navigated through each of his challenges. After the initial phone consultation, I was confident that Philip and michelle would be the answer to my prayers. I went in the next day for an in-person assessment and left with confidence! Philip and Michelle are nothing short of amazing! They are professional and really communicate well with others as well as your pup! They were also so knowledgeable and made our dog's Basic Training feel like a breeze. There were times I was nervous our dog couldn't be helped, but Philip and Michelle always surprised me with a new technique that squashed all of my nerves. At the beginning of each session they always did a recap of the previous training and I really enjoyed this portion because it gave us all a chance to discuss how things had gone in the week since so we could customize his training even more. They really treat you like a part of their family and Philip and Michelle pay attention to each and every detail with excitement. My only regret is that I didn't work with them sooner! Don't make the same mistake as I did! Put your dog's training in the hands of K.O. Dog Trianing, you won't regret it! Thank you so much Philip and Michelle for taking our difficult dog and molding him into the respectful and loving dog we all know he is. Kiwi has no idea just how blessed he is to be a part of the K.O. Training pack!"

Stephanie H. - 08/15/2022


Doberman Pinscher

"Great experience, they taught our whole family how to train & work with our puppy!"

Bethany B. - 07/25/2022


Australian Shepherd

"Philip is the best dog trainer I've ever worked with. He saw the sweet puppy we knew and helped us guide puppy Asher to not be leash aggressive or scared of people!!"

Alexa M. - 06/06/2022


Cocker Spaniels

"My parents and I took our 2, two month puppies a few months ago to K.O. Dog Training. It was extra challenging for us with two puppies but Michelle and Phillip were great. They provided us with all the tools we needed to properly train Fiona and Laila. After all, the training is mostly for us rather than the pups. We continue to implement what we learned everyday. They are very professional and dedicated trainers. Thank you!"

Christina C. - 05/12/2022



"We learned fast that our little chihuahua was the boss by the time his first lesson from Philip was done. Evidently, we were his mere servants who met his demands from the start of his puppy life with us. Little by little, Philip helped Joey learn that his days of domination were over. He learned to sit on command, safely cross streets, walk willingly with 'the pack', but he refused to submit to Philip. By lesson 4 of the 6 lessons, Joey had had enough. When Philip persisted, Joey became arrogant. As Joey completely resisted, we were advised to keep demanding his complete obedience. With Philip's skill and expertise, we were 80% successful by the end of the training and as he continues to mature, we will be seeing more progress. Without Philip we would not have been able to understand Joey's language, nor his non-verbal cues, resistance, and dominance. He would have developed into a chihuahua with bad habits and an unacceptable authority over us and other unassuming doggies when they are around him. Perhaps because of Covid, Joey may have missed a crucial time of socialization not being able to meet and interact with other doggies or people beside his own kennel family. Over time, with the expert guidance we were given, we were able to understand Joey's thinking and behavior, quirks, and expectations. Philip and Michelle were the experts we needed and will continue to rely on in the futre. Joey knows what is expected of him and no longer assumes he is the top dog. He still is as cute as a button and loved like a cuddly baby!  Thank you, Philip and Michelle!".

Penny - 03/23/2022


Lab/Pit Mix

"Phillip and Michelle are amazing! We rescued a female pitbull 6 months ago, she is amazing however is just not friendly around other dogs. Through their training they were able to help calm her anxiety by giving her obedience training and then walking with us around Dana Point Harbor to teach us how to walk her so she doesn't bark at other dogs. Since training, she has gotten a lot better on her walks around the neighborhood and the beach, and has gotten a lot more use to dogs. I would highly recommend Philip & Michelle if you're looking for personable & professional dog trainers that truly love dogs!!!"

Michael C. - 01/20/2022


Rat Terrier

"Our two year old rat terrier (Rickie) was exhibiting typical dog behavior that we were not prepared to deal with such as: being aggressive towards other dogs, jumping on people, not coming when called and would not stop or stay. Philip and Michelle showed us what we were doing wrong and demonstrated what we could do to improve Rickies behavior. After only 6 sessions with K.O. Dog Training he now follows our commands almost every time. We highly recommend K.O. Dog Training."

Tabby W. - 01/14/2022



"Our sweet beagle pup, Eddie, really excelled in the k.o. puppy training program. We found Philip and Michelle to be informative, caring, and experienced trainers. They were always available to answer any questions we had, even responding promptly to emails. We will be returning for further lessons as soon as possible. 100% recommend if you're looking for quality training!"

Krystle B. - 01/09/2022


Kai Ken

"Such a great team who really love dogs and building a supportive pack. The one on one training is excellent. They answered all my quetions/concerns and followed up with any suggestions/issues. I highly recommend them, and even plan to return to them for more advanced training for my pup!"

Janelle A. - 12/15/2021


Great Dane

"Working with Phil and Michelle was amazing. Very nice and personable as well as amazing with my Great Dane Charlie. We were having issues with Charlie listening to commands and on walks with him getting excited when he saw other dogs. With Charlie's size we wanted to make sure he is a good listener and very well trained. Which Phil and Michelle did an absolutely great job helping us with what we were missing and were able to help us with working on getting him where we want him to be. Each training session was very helpful and effective with having both Phil and Michelle there to work with us. From going on walks to working in their private yard the experience and their knowledge was exactly what we were looking for. If you are looking for amazing trainers that are not over priced and care actually I would highly recommend them."

Lex M. - 12/11/2021



"Phillip and Michelle are amazing. Our puppy had a lot of challenges (from biting to needing to learn basics like not pulling when walking, come, stay, sit) and they provided training that worked. They are delightful to work with and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend K.O. Dog Training and I'm thankful for all of the great help from both Phillip and Michelle."

Lauren A. - 11/07/2021


English Bull Terrier

"K.O. Dog Training was the best choice I ever made, for myself and my puppy. I am a first time dog owner and K.O. Dog training helped me tremendously! They gave me advice, tips, and just overall support in becoming a great dog owner. The location for dog training is private, which really helped get that one on one attention. They are passionate about what they do. This is the real deal. I am so grateful in meeting this team, who have given me confidence and knowledge in training my puppy. Thank you."

Nathalie P. - 11/03/2021


Border Collie / Australian Shepherd Mix

"Phillip and Michelle are AMAZING. I highly recommend them for all your training needs. Very personable and are truly there to help you with all your needs. In the 6 weeks we were with them we really felt like family they treated our puppy like their own and were very insightful. I never thought I would be able to train a dog but with their guidance I am confident and our dog is confident and well trained."

Molly S. - 10/07/2021


Cocker Spaniel & Poodle Mixes ("Cockapoos")

"My family and I had such a wonderful experience with the Kaoughs and I cannot recommend them highly enough... as humans, or as dog trainers.  Our puppy was a nightmare when we started the traiing. Truly. We could not get her to house train, listen, stop yanking on the leash, or stop eating her own poop. DID YOU KNOW SOME DOGS DO THAT?! CAUSE I DIDN'T. She was also nipping at our young four and two year old kiddos and trying to hump them when they were asleep. Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.  As a working couple with young kids, my husband and I weren't sure it was going to work out logistically to bring them AND our eight month old puppy AND our eight year old other dog. But Philip and Michelle were kind, accomoodating, and involved our kids in the training process. They educated us all in a way that will pay dividends for years to come.  Over a course of weeks, the Kaoughs showed us how to establish yourself as the one who is in charge of your dog with your behavior, your commands, and your follow through. The humans learned more than the dogs did by a long shot.  It's simple stuff, but it's not easy, and it's not intuitive. We very much consider ourselves dog people and love our dogs with all our hearts, but we just didn't know what we didn't know. We had to be taught.  I feel so much more confident and at ease now because, not only has our puppy stopped 90 percent of her awful behavior, but our old dog has learned new tricks! He used to bolt out the front door if it was left open. So would the puppy. Neither of them do that now and I am amazed. Our old dog also now listens when we tell him to knock off his barking at the wind... or Amazon person... or neighbor... or bird just trying to live its life.  Our oldest was totally involved in the training and felt empowered by the time training was over. And our youngest now tells me I'm a good boy anytime she thinks I'm doing a good job.  We will miss working with the Kaoughs. As I said, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Worth every penny and then some."

Nicole W. - 08/24/2021


Golden Retriever

"We had a great experience working with Philip and Michelle!"

Kathleen H. - 8/14/2021


Chihuahua Mix

"Working with K.O. Dog Training was hands down the BEST decision I made this year! I rescued my chihuahua-mix, Martin, about 2 years ago and after recently moving to the area, his behavior on walks started to become a bit unmanageable - pulling, leash aggression with other dogs and men, etc. As a first time dog owner, I was very nervous to start a training program just because I didn't know what to expect. Philip and Michelle put my mind at ease upon the first assessment with their confidence and assurance that they could help us. They were very attentive in observing Martin's specific quirks and guided me to adjust my responses based on his reactions. They were also very responsive to all my questions. I saw a huge difference after just the first 3 weeks of training. Martin can now sit, lay down, focus, leave-it, and stay!  Martin and I are both much happier and confident on our walks, and I know that with this knowledge that K.O. Dog Training has blessed me with, our confidence will keep growing as we continue practing our new skills.  I will absolutely be working with K.O. Dog Training again whever Martin and I need the extra guidance".

Nicole A. - 07/30/2021


German Shepherd

"I don't even know where to begin with K.O. Dog Training.  I brought my 5 year old German Shepherd rescue, Maisie, to Philip and Michelle. Maisie lacked all basic obedience skills as well as socialization skills with other dogs. Upon just the initial assessment with this incredible couple I knew they were the exact people I wanted training my dog. Every lesson I felt really listened to and I felt they had a genuine understanding on what Maisie specifically needed. Not only were they incredibly kind and fun to be around, the amount of knowledge they had was truly incredible; Philip and Michelle know their stuff and they can prove it. I left every single lesson feeling excited and confident in myself and Maisie. By the end of the 6 week obedience course I took with them, Maisie was able to sit, focus, leave it, lay down, and stay. She didn't know a single one of those commands before bringing her to K.O. Dog Trianing. Maisie also struggled immensely with socializing with other dogs and had aggressive tendencies, and I can coinfidently say today that, because of Philip and Michele, she is no longer a major worry with other dogs and I am able to fully control her and recall her when/if she gets out of hand. All thanks to them.  If you are searching for dog trainers or have had bad luck with some in the past I am telling you that K.O. Dog Trianing is the way to go. They are friendly, experienced, and truly want what is best for you and your dog. I can't recommend them enough."

Noah S. - 07/25/2021



"I can't thank K.O. Dog Training enough! We brought our wild and stubborn bloodhound puppy Orville to them at 7 months old. Our guy was already too big (nearly 80 pounds) to control- we couldn't walk him or work with him at all. We were exhausted and desperate. Philip and Michelle completely changed our lives!!  After researching and calling nearly EVERY trainer in Orange County, we found our dream team! Speaking with Philip on the phone as I inquired about services was a totally different experience than any other call I'd made. He really listened to me and was so kind and helpful. He was positive, caring, and genuine. He offered a free assessment which we gratefully took him up on. After one meeting, we immediately felt confident that K.O. Dog Training could help us. And how!  After 6 weeks of training, we can take Orville on walks, take him to work in an office, and more! While we're ecastatic over these results, what I enjoyed most was the process. They didn't just teach commands and discipline, but rather they taught ME how to communicate with Orville and how to encourage positive behavior through understanding and condiioning. Orville and I really bonded throughtout this journey and had FUN doing it!  That being said, please keep in mind that this *IS* A JOURNEY. I continue to work with our boy every day to further establish all that he learned. While I truly believe that Philip and Michelle are miracle workers, know that as a responsible pet parent it's essential that you ipmlement what you learn during these lessons in daily life. THAT being said- K.O. Dog Training understands that this is a journey, too! They regularly check in on his continued progress and are clear that as long as our Orville is in our lives, they are a part of it! Our sessions ended a couple of months ago, yet Philip and Michelle continue to be easily reached and respond quickly when issues arise, when I need advise, or otherwise.  We did not "hire" a dog trainer, we welcomed caring and loving humans into our "pack". Connecting with K.O. Dog Training was the BEST decision we made (besides adopting Orville, haha!). Please feel free to contact me for further info or accolades- I'm happy to share! :)  So much love and gratitude to Philip, Michelle, Bailey, and Loki!!"

Jamie A. - 07/22/2021



"K.O. Dog Training was an invaluable resource for us. We really appreciated the opportunity to train one-on-one and the individualized instruction they provided. Our puppy thrived under their techniques and we really liked that they focused on rewards and not punitive training. What a wonderful experience for us, and we have had dogs all of our lives, yet we learned better ways to train and get the desired response."

Sherrie P. - 06/17/2021


Labrador Retriever/Staffordshire Terrier Mix

"Philip & Michele are great! They are passionate and care about animals. They are also patient and do a good job explaining your dog's behavior issues and how to fix. My dog Kona was struggling with walking and I am now able to walk him long distances with no issues. I thank Philip & Michele for that. I would refer anyone to them who is looking for a dog trainer!"

Chloe L. - 05/27/2021


Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever & Standard Poodle Mix)

"Had a great experience with K.O.  I was able to get much better control over my Golden Doodle.  Highly recommend."

Mike W. - 05/23/2021


Yorkshire Terrier

"When we enrolled Wesley (a T-Cup Yorkie) he was 5 months old in other words a really small guy and had just completed all of his vaccinations. Wesley at that point had little to no socializtion so everything was kind of new and scary. K.O. Dog Training recognized it immediately and began to work with Wesley, and us, to build his confidence, slowly introduced socialization with their dogs, and provided the framework toward learning his responsiblities.  He now is a happy 8 month old and greets other dogs with confidence, and ackowledges the necessary commands to keep him helathy and safe.  Highly recommend team K.O. Dog Training."

Norma L. - 05/19/2021


Golden Retriever

"Philip and Michelle have been a tremendous help in my dog Maverick's training. They were able to help me learn to lead my dog and set expectations for him to follow through with. Maverick was pretty good with obedience training but struggled with impulse control. K.O. Dog Training helped me work with my dog to control his excitement and learn to follow my lead. I'm amazed at the progress Maverick has made since our time at K.O. Dog Training. Philip and Michelle really know their stuff. So happy they've helped me with my excited, wiggly pup!"

Katia C. - 04/30/2021


German Shepherd

"Philip and Michelle are great! Our German shepherd rescue mix had issues with aggressive behavior and anxiety and their training sessions and weekly homework have given us the much needed confidence to be able to help her be more obedient and less anxious. She's a much happier dog... Thank you!"

Becky S. - 04/28/2021


Labrador Retriever & German Short Haired Pointer Mix

"K.O. Dog training gave us the skills and knowledge to actively train our new pup. Each week we learned how to improve our dogs behavior whether we're at home or out."

Levi V. - 04/24/2021


Maltipoo (Maltese & Mini Poodle)

"I was looking for puppy specific training for my maltipoo and chose K.O. Dog Training after interviewing a few others as they listened to what I was looking for and provided training specific to what my dog needed.  Philip and Michelle knew what they were doing and having their own dogs there provided a great structure for what my dog needed.  My dog was exhibiting some willful behavior so Michelle suggested we use a prong collar. She fit the collar and showed me how I was to use during training. This was very helpful and my dog is following commands now. I will be using their services again once my dog gets older as I will want her to follow commands off leash. I highly recommend them!"

Ingrid H. - 03/27/2021


Chihuahua Dachshund Mix  

"Philip and Michelle are two people that care for their clients and are knowledgeable of their trade. My dog, a Chihuahua Dachshund mix, was stubborn and unresponsive to training but they never gave up and found alternative methods to continue her learning. Besides being great people they truly care for dogs, especially those they are working with and are constantly checking in to see how they are progressing in their training. K.O. Dog training offered myself and my dog a great expereince and will forever be grateful for the tools they have given us to continue our dogs training and socialization."

Andrea M. - 03/20/2021



"Great experience for our new rescue Rottie, Sadie. Having had multiple dogs and training in the past, Michelle and Philip were really compassionate and caring. They lent their expertise to help us with a holistic approach to help Sadie through positive reinforcement via basic command training through walking behaviors. Sadie is doing great and we have found our balance/happiness in our home! Thank you!"

Patricia K. - 02/23/2021


Pembroke Welsch Corgi & Jack Russell Terrier

"Philip and Michell really know what they're doing.   And I really needed that. They were always on top of things. I have a very excitable Russell Terrier and Philip showed me how to get him to pay attention. And Michell taught me several valuable tips. Clearly they love dogs. Among other things, my two actually come when I call them! I highly recommend them."

Julie G. - 02/17/2021


Staffordshire Terrier Mix

"We came to K.O. Dog Training primarily out of desperation. We had tried with little success other professional trainers and techniques in an attempt to gain some control over our pit bull rescue whose primary issue was her extreme reativity on walks. Philip and Michelle tailored our sessions to address our specific concerns and after 6 sessions, our bully is much more controllable and we now feel far more confident in handling her.  The trainers went above and beyond in dealing with our issues, even coming to our neighborhood to observe the particular challenges we have to deal with on our walks. They were creative in reaching solutions, and even made specific recommendations on products that would help us achieve results, which they did! Oh, and we also appreciated the COVID precautions they took during our training sessions.  In short, we highly recommend K.O. Dog Trianing. In addition to being very professional and effective, they are also very nice people."

Robert F. - 01/18/2021


Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle ("GoldenDoodle")

"Great Experience with both Phil and his wife - they are a good team!!"

Nancy V. - 01/14/2021

Buster & Sunny

Boxers - Siblings

"We became the parents of boxer sibling puppies and desperately needed training (commands, couldn't walk on a leash, etc.). Philip and Michelle were patient, gave amazing advice and helped us out more than we thought possible. They went above and beyond, recommending a few thiings outside the scope of training when the dogs couldn't get the hang of walking and met us down the DP Harbor on a Saturday morning to assist us. We now have two pups who a few weeks ago couldn't walk in public or follow commands, to now walking a few miles in crowds, etc, stay, down, leave it (which comes in huge). I couldn't recommend them more."

Megan F. - 12/19/2020


Rottweiler Mix

"We adopted our precious rottweiler mix pup at 7 months old and we knew we needed to train him properly and began right away, but we needed help! I searched online for places near our home and found Philip and Michelle's K.O. Dog Training. After viewing their website and seeing that they were a local husband and wife who were highly credentialed with lots of experience, and that they were totally transparent and upfront about their prices (no games!!!) I knew I had found what I was looking for! I got to speak to them right away on the phone and we set up our first visit. They were both very professional and very interested in getting to know us, our dog, and our specific needs. We met for six weeks and our pup, Buddy, learned so much; sit, stay, come, down, and improved in his leash skills.  He got to socialize with Philip and Michelle's dogs and worked on his impulse control. When taking Buddy on our first trip, they were also very helful to recommend what would help with the anxiety and car sickness.  Budy goes crazy when he sees other dogs out on walks because he wants to play. Philip and Michelle really went out of their way to address this issue, to practice and show us how to handle Buddy when it happens on our walks. They also helped us work with our young children to grow more comfortable with Buddy and be more assertive, especially my son who was very timid and afraid to be close to our new big pup. Philip and Michelle were so easy to work with, very attentive to our needs, constantly checked in with us (and still do), and made sure to answer any questions we had. They are very devoted to their craft of helping famlies and their fur babies! Buddy really enjoyed his time with them. Philip and Michelle were very kind, gentle, and loving with Buddy. Their dog training techniques and philosophy include consistency, positive rewards, lots of praise, and establishing your family pack. I am so thankful for all that they tuaght our family and recommend them to anyone who needs help training their dog!"

Kari R. - 10/19/2020


Great Dane

"Thank you KO dog training.  You did a wonderful job helping my daughter and I with our Great Dane puppy.  Using the tools you gave us he improves every day".

Sheree C. - 10/02/2020


Golden Retriever

"Philip and Michelle are wonderful!  They'll train your dog, and train you to be a better dog trainer and parent.  They are a pleasure to work with". 

Jake L. - 09/30/2020


German Shepherd

"We loved working with KO dog training.  Our GSD has learned basic commands, but also how to appropriately greet and play with smaller dogs.  Philip and Michelle helped address any of my training concerns.  I feel like I'm a much more confident dog handler.  We are looking forward to continuing to train Archer with KO dog training."

Kendall M. - 09/20/2020

Bon & Escanor

American Staffordshire Terrier Mixes

"Phil and Michelle are unlike your big box training experiences.  They were professional but also know how to have a good time.  We explored with our dogs instead of being stuck in a training room.  It felt like spending time with your friends, but your friends also happen to help you develop a proper relationship with your dog.  Their dogs Loki and Bailey were great models for our dogs.  We couldn't be happier with the results, and the value of training you receive from this team.  Thank you KO dog training!"

Emilio H. - 09/02/2020


German Shepherd/Siberian Husky Mix

"As first-time dog owners, we were overwhelmed with our German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix puppy.  Despite all our efforts, she was out of control and would bite incessantly. Philip and Michelle saved us and provided us the tools to manage her properly! I was amazed how quickly she learned new commands! I really appreciated their traiing style - they were really great at listening to our needs and adjusting the training accordingly. Our puppy loved going to see Philip and Michelle - I highly recommend!!"

Mina Z. - 08/31/2020


French Bulldog

"We brought our French Bulldog puppy to Philip and Michelle's KO Dog Training course because she was just, well, you know being a puppy. Not minding her own, going bathroom all over the house, biting and chewing everything in site, etc.  By the time she was done with the training, she was well mannered, potty trained and only chews her own toys. She understands when to sit, stay, lay down and just be an all around good girl. And she's still a puppy mind you.  To be this trained at such a young age was unthinkable I thought.  That's why we had reservations spending the money on her so soon. I cannot tell you enough how happy we are and how greatly we are after the sessions. Philip and Michelle are so great, very nice and extremely helpful both in and out of the sessions. Stern with the dogs when they need to be and playful and sweet with the dogs at the end of the sessions to show the pups their good work. I would recommend them to every dog owner looking to get their dog on track. From puppies to adult adult dogs. We are definitely using them for every dog we get in the future!"

Nikki D. - 08/21/2020


Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle ("Golden-Doodle")

"I cannot say enough good things about K.O. Dog Training! I brought my 1 year old golden doodle to them for the 6 week class where we worked on his on leash walking as well as the basics of sit, stay, down, and come when called. Every week was a new lesson with great one-on-one time with Philip and Michelle. They were always on time and responded to any questions we had throughout the training process! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get some extra help in training their pup!!"

Jeffrey L. - 08/14/2020


Cocker Spaniel/King Charles Cavalier

"We had such a great experience using Phillip and Michelle as our trainers! They were great at explaining everything and even included our two young children in on the process. They even went out of their way on a weekend to show us how to use an extra training piece. We highly recommend KO trainers!! Especially felt safe during covid as they took extra safety precautions!"

Jason L. - 08/12/2020



"K.O. Dog Training is outstanding.  They take a personalized approach designed toward your dog's needs.  There is a night and day difference in our dog for the better.  We have a large dog that is 6 months old, so we were worried about keeping her under control, they gave us confidence to control her, but at the same time enjoy her.  Philip and Michelle definitely know their stuff and are well trained and professional.  I highly recommend K.O. Dog Training."

Joe N. - 08/03/2020


Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

"Philip and Michelle were awesome.  Our pup, Blue, responded to them both immediately.  They gave us the tools to work with in raising a willfull Blue Heeler.  Blue is still a little rascal, but now we can work with methods that Philip and Michele taught us, to bring him under our command and not his!  We highly recommend KO Dog Training to anyone that may be searching for a training team.  The fact that KO Dog Training is Veteran owned and operated was an easy decision to make when choosing from so many other trainers.  It was the best decision we made next to bringing Blue into our family!"

Dawn D. - 07/19/2020


Cockapoo & Terrier Mix

"Phillip and Michelle were an absolute pleasure to work with in training our two small rescue dogs.  Their guidance through the steps we needed to take with the dogs was everything to us and kept us on track with training which we otherwise would not have done if left to our own devices.  They were extremely patient with both of us and the dogs and very knowledgeable and helpful in all their suggestions on different things to try to improve on the issues we had.  Highly recommend them!"

Bob & Lana R. - 07/07/2020



"I am not a novice dog owner and have succesfully had multiple large dogs over the past 30+ years; however, for the first time I ran into a problem I could not solve.  My two young Akitas (brothers from different litters) started fighting with each other.  I've had several Akitas in the past and am not new to the breed and have successfully had males living together peacefully so I was dumbfounded.  We were at the end of our rope as the fighting was quickly getting worse both in intensity and frequency.  Our only option we could think of was to re-home one of our boys and we were devastated.  As a last chance hope of desperation, we reached out to Phillip and Michelle of KO Dog Training to try to help us.  In all honesty, I didn't know if they could fix our problem but it was the only thing left before we gave up one of our boys.  We decided we were going to commit 100% of our efforts and now couldn't be happier with the results!!!  We saw improvement within 2 weeks and by week 4, our boys were living peacefully together again!! It was a miracle!!!  Phillip and Michelle are very knowledgeable and are very motivated to help you reach your goals.  I like how they worked with us to figure out what was going on and how to manage it.  They are kind and compassionate about their work and clients.  I cannot say enough about them.  But my disclaimer is that you (the client) HAVE to put in the time and effort to work with your dog(s) at home on your own.  It's more about training YOU how to manage your dog than just teaching a dog different commands.  All in all, I coudln't be happier with the results of working with Phillip and Michelle!!!  If you have any problems with your dog or just want some one-on-one basic obedience training, I highly recommend these professionals".

Michelle T. - 05/12/2020


French Bulldog

"Our training sessions with Michelle and Philip were great!! They were very knowledgeable, and we really appreicated having their two dogs there for our little guy to practice distractions. They were also very sweet and "took the extra mile" with small touches like toys for the dogs, bought us a new harness to try, etc.  It's a very relaxed environment, and most importantly, was very fun for Higgins!  We would highly recommend".

Courtney F. - 05/05/2020


Dogo Argentino

"My husband and I worked with Philip and Michele Kaough on training our dog Bubba.  We love that they use positive reinforcement in their training techniques.  Our dog has come such a long way.  We introduced him to the gentle leader with the help of the Kaoughs.  It is no longer a frustrating struggle to take our very strong dog for a walk.  We have fun working on his obedience commands at home.  It takes a lot of practice and time commitment to reinforce the behaviors learned at his training session for the week.  If you stay on top of the homework provided by the Kaoughs, you and your dog will be a happer couple!".

K. MacDonald - 03/13/2020


Korean Jindo

"Philip and Michelle were incredible to  work with!  They did a really nice job with our dog, Nash, whom we rescued a few months before we started training with them.  Nash made incredible progress with his sit/stays and leash skills - they made awesome recommendations for the proper equipment as well.  I highly recommend them, you and your dog will gain more confidence together."

D. Stevens - 02/04/2020


Pug/Beagle Mix

"Phillip and Michelle are true dog people!  They have such a nice way about them and that shows in how they go about training your dog.  It is a relaxed environment that includes two of their own dogs.  This is very important, at least to us, to have our dog socializing with other dogs as it is hard at a park to do this.  As for the training we did a 6 week class, once a week, that brought about a big change in our dog.  We had rescued her and although a good dog at heart it was not shining through.  That all changed about 3 sessions in as they taught us how to be with her and to recognize what she is thinking and why she was doing what she was doing.  6 sessions later we have the knowledge to correct the situations we are running into.  Don't get me wrong she is still a dog and you need to continue the training after the classes.  And that is what K.O. Dog Training left us with, the ability to read, understand and correct situations that come up.  And, if we can't figure it out they have an open door policy that I can call them for their help.  Great find!!  Highly Recommended!"

Chris E. - 02/01/2020


Beagle/Shepherd Mix

"Philip and Loki were amazing.  He worked with myself and my puppy with an atypical schedule and was very flexible in making sure we made the most out of our training days.  Otis (the pup) and I both learned a lot and truly looked forward to our walks and lessons.  Couldn't recommend K.O. enough."

Thomas S. - 12/20/2019


Border Collie

"We highly recommend K.O. Dog Training for their professionalism, expertise, and quality service.  Our young Border Collie, Piper, was in need of some basic obedience training, so we hired Philip for his 6-week private course.  Like a hypnotist, Philip demonstrated an instant command over our dog - teaching her to come, sit, down, and stay.  More importantly, he provided our family the necessary tools and techniques for achieving good behavior.  From quality treat suggestions and leash recommendations... to the importance of consistency and routine.  His knowledge of dog breeds and individual traits helped us understand WHY our dog behaves in certain ways and HOW to manage it.  He customized each session based on our specific needs and requests.  With each scenario (such as tormenting our cats, demand barking, or ignoring us while off leash)… he would provide a solution to try.  We truly appreciate Philip's help, dedication, and follow up.  Now it's our job to keep up the good work!"

Christian D. - 12/10/2019

Bones & Lucas

Great Dane/Doberman Mix & All-American

"Philip and Michelle from K.O. are great.  We have two adolescent dogs with impulse issues and they did a tremendous job understanding our unique needs and providing us with successful tools and techniques for changing and rewarding behavior.  I highly recommend their valuable services.  They clearly love dogs and what they do. "

John & Tammy D. - 11/20/2019


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

"We have a one-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Blue who we got as a pup.  Blue began his sessions with Philip and Michelle with essentially no training or discipline.  Literally ground zero.  We went right into training which is very interactive and definitely involved my wife and I.

Corgi's are very smart and strong-willed herding dogs and Blue is in the higher end of that spectrum.  Philip and Michelle led us to take charge right away using a variety of methods and techniques. Blue made very stead progress - not without setbacks due to his nature - but Michelle and Philip never wavered in their patience or ability to move to special methods we can use.  Their experience, professionalism, and patience are highest level.

The transformation of Blue and his progress is remarkable.  We are now complete with our sessions and we reinforce the lessons we learned every day.  Philip and Michelle also make themselves available for communication and advice between sessions.  It was a joy to work with them and we heartily recommend them!!"

Richard and Jane D. - 09/28/2019


Labrador Mix

"We needed lots of help with our newly adopted shelter dog.  His aggressive demand barking was a terrible habit he picked up from his previous home where he had been mistreated and neglected.  Philip and Michelle were instrumental in teaching us how to help Cooper become a good citizen.  We could not have done it without their gentle and encouraging instruction.  We are so proud of Cooper and of ourselves!  Thank you K.O. Dog Training!!".

Karen W. - 08/23/2019


German Shepherd

"We enjoyed our training sessions and Ginger learned a lot from their guidance.   K.O. Training made the classes fun and entertaining with their own well trained dogs as examples of what can be achieved with consistency and respect!  We recommend them if you are looking for gentle, kind training for your dog!".

James P. - 07/05/2019


Yorkshire Terrier

"We highly recommend Philip and Michele.  Their integrity and respect for the dog and the customer is remarkable. Our 18 month old yorkie Ziggy, learned to listen to us and follow commands. They are remarkable and train with love and respect".

Molly H. - 06/06/2019


Mini American Eskimo

"Philip and Michelle are wonderful.  They are patient and helpful with both my puppy and me as we learn together.  I am so happy that I stumbled on their information".

Carol B. - 04/28/2019


Australian Kelpie

5 STARS - Basic Obedience

Jeff M. - 02/01/2019


Golden Retriever

5 STARS - Puppy Training

Linda H. - 01/28/2019

Turbo & Guinnes

Australian Shepherd & Australian Shepherd Mix

"Philip and Michelle gave us the tools we needed to train our dogs and help correct some problem behaviors.  You have to be willing to put in the work, but I feel confident that I can continue to use what I learned to keep improving behavior". 

Michelle M. - 12/06/2018


Golden Retriever

"I highly recommend K.O. Dog Training.  A very good friend recommended them to me because Philip and Michelle trained their dog Dash and did an amazing job for them.  As soon as I got my golden retriever, Buddy I called Philip and started their six week private program.  Buddy has grown so much and knows all his commands and is a super polite and well behaved puppy now at six months old.  All thanks to the super talent of Philip and Michelle and their dogs Loki and Bailey.  We are now part of the K.O. family!". 

Karen F. - 09/06/2018  


White Swiss Shepherd

"We recently completed training, successfully, with K.O. Dog Training for our 7 month old Shepherd and couldn't be more pleased!  Philip and his wife Michelle are an incredible team and are highly Experienced Professionals.  They are very patient and insightful and their training was absolutely spot on.  Our Vet of over 12 years had highly recommended them to us for our puppy (but I think for me as well... :) ...   We think they are great and our Shepherd absolutely loves them!"

Robin C. - 09/06/2018  



"Training provided us with extremely valuable lessons and skills.  We now feel much more comfortable going forward, and are empowered to continue working with our dog.  We highly recommend!"

Josh K. - 07/17/2018


Mini-Pinscher & Chihuahua Mix

"I called Philip & Michelle in a bit of a panic.  Our puppy Buddy was terrified of his carrier for travel.  They came to our rescue!  They helped us with training & familiarization with a carrier.  It was such a better trip home and we couldn't have done it without their help".

Nikki W. - 06/03/2018



"We had a great session w/Philip and Michelle.  They worked out w/my busy schedule and make sure that my dog's behavior was fixed at the end of the session.  They are very passionate about their job, and they will not hesitate to answer all of your questions and concern.  I have learned alot from the training session.  Thank you :) ". 

Kelly N. - 05/20/2018



"I had the best experience working with the owners of K.O. Dog Training, Philip and Michelle.  They were prompt, courteous, caring and loving towards our dog, Baby, as well as my daughter and I, and helped us have a better relationship with our 'fur baby'.  They were very professional in their approach to our concerns and listened and responded appropriately.  We now have a more attentive dog and we are less fearful of him approaching a situation with aggressive behavior.  My daughter and I also have more confidence in handling him and his sometimes anxious behavior.  We strongly recommend K.O. Dog Training for your four legged best friends". 

Regina H. - 05/17/2018


English Labrador Retriever        

"I would recommend K.O. Dog Training to anyone out there who is looking for a trainer that has patience, kindness, professionalism, and who truly cares about your and your pets success!". 

Nancy S. - 05/10/2018


Mini GoldenDoodle

"I would highly recommend K.O. Dog Training.  The trainers, Philip and Michelle were great to work with.  They were prompt to each session and made themselves available in between in case I had questions or concerns.  They were very patient with me as a new puppy owner and great with my dog, Teddy.  Our sessions are over and they made it clear that they are an available resource to me for the life of my dog.  I am very pleased with the progress that Teddy (and I) have made". 

Rebecca P. - 05/09/2018



"Very impressed and grateful.  Kind, professional, not only taught my dog but myself as well.  Meagan and I so appreciate K.O. Dog Training".

Nancy B. - 05/06/2018


Saluki Mix

"Our dog, Shadow, is a rescue with some stress and anxiety in social situations.  Philip and Michelle spent a lot of time working with us to build Shadow's confidence and understand what goes on in his head.  Thanks to K.O. Dog Training, Karen and I have grown as dog parents and the changes we've seen in Shadow are exceptional.  Thanks Philip and Michelle, you are amaziing."

Andy S. - 05/06/2018


English Golden Retriever

"I cannot recommend Philip and Michelle Kaough of K.O. Dog Training highly enough.  They have been with us since we brought our Golden Retriever puppy home, and have been invaluable in helping us to train him.  Phiilp and Michelle are extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and have helped us at every step of the way in training our puppy using positive reinforcement. 'Patient & Constructive' is one piece of training advice that Philip imparted to me as critical in training your dog.  Those words always ring true.  Philip and Michelle are patient and constructive with dogs and owners alike."

Glen O. - 05/01/2018


Yorkshire Terrier/Chihuahua Mix

"My husband and I inherited my mom's 5 y.o. Yorkie mix "Sweetie" after she passed away from breast cancer.  Although a sweet dog she had never been socialized with other dogs; she was nervous, barked on every walk, and had no formal obedience training.  Finding a trainer was paramount to our quality of life.  Both my husband and myself are very active/outdoor people and we wanted to be able to take our new pup with us.  K.O. Training assessed and created an individualized program for Sweetie (and us!), building her confidence without making her more nervous.  They taught us techniques to practice at home and with consistency she is now more confident.  She is able to eat with us at outdoor venues without the barking and nervousness.  Walking in highly populated areas is enjoyable.  She follows commands such as sit, lay down, and leave-it.  Being a new dog owner I found their training effective and kind.  They were able to teach a new dog owner & dog who had just lost their mom.  All done during a very stressful time in both our lives.  I can't thank them enough.  Our quality of life as new dog owners has improved tremendously.  I highly recommend K.O. Training."

Lisa M. - 03/12/2018



"I have nothing but good to say about Philip and Michelle.  They worked with my bloodhound pup and broke all of his habits.  I highly recommend them.  They're great people and are great at what they do!".

Hannah W. - 02/05/2018



"Great trainers.  Patient, professional and caring.  We saw noticeable improvement with our puppies behavior after just a few lessons with our 12-month old puppy".

Scott G. - 01/27/2018


Great Dane

"Philip and Michelle are easy and patient to work with.  My 9 month old rescue needs some help becoming a good citizen and with their help, I'm confident he'll get there".

Ginny C. - 01/02/2018


White Labrador Retriever

"5 Stars for K.O. Dog Training".

Martha G - 10/12/2017


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

"We are so thankful for Philip, Michelle and Loki!!!  They are amazing instructors; they have helped us get off to a great start with our corgi puppy, and we have all learned so much from them.  They are so knowledgeable, dedicated, available, patient, flexible, kind, fun, creative, clear, encouraging and effective.  I can't say enough good about them.  Their fees are very fair and their giving of their time is so generous.  The sessions we've spent with them have been so worthwhile!  We would surely not have made the progress we have, if it wasn't for them.  Years ago we did a group class with a previous puppy, but this is far far superior - to have a dedicated trainer working one on one with us and our dog in our specific situation is terrific!  They've helped us get off to a great start for a lifetime of emjoyment with our pup!  So thankful for them and would highly recommend them!!!".

Blair B. – 10/4/17


Mini Schnauzer

“K.O. Dog Training is excellent!  Philip and Michelle are knowledgeable, patient, consistent, and organized.  Nico is a Miniature Schnauzer.  They are extremely intelligent, willful, and stubborn.  They were bred to hunt vermin and alert to everything that moves or makes a noise.  Nico felt it was his duty/job to eradicate the threat/danger.  It was amazing to see how using the proper commands and voice we were able to calm and tain Nico.  Five star rating for K.O. Dog Training!!"

VeeCee C. – 08/29/2017



“I want to thank Philip and Michelle for teaching Stanley, our 15 month old goldendoodle, some manners & life lessons on how to be a "good boy"..... "Yesssss Stanley yesssss"!  Stanley and I still have work to do, but our foundation is strong.  I highly recommend them... They are awesome!  Oh, and, they are always available by phone if you have any questions during the training process and after.  How great is that!!!

Laura G.. – 07/26/2017



“Philip and Michelle are the best!  Along with Loki, the real trainer, all 3 did a fantastic job with our Keeshond, Malani.  A very stubborn Kees, Malani is not an easy trainable dog as her social personality was she had never experienced any training or outside stimulus so everything was a new adventure, even airplanes and helicopters upset her.  Out training sessions went directly to allowing Malani to relax and take orders which she was not used to.  She now sits, comes, and is much more of a companion than ever before, just in 6 lessons!  I really appreciated the help they gave her and never once did the clock interfere with the lesson which is really a nice touch.  It was a pleasure to work with such dedicated people.  Thanks again!”

Don K. – 06/10/2017


Jack Russell Terrier

“We are halfway through our six week training program and our dog is thriving in her commands being learned.  They make it fun for both me and my puppy!”

Daniel V. – 05/23/2017



Blue Heeler

“Thanks for helping us get our crazy dog under control!  Philip and Michelle were great with our dog Pip-boy. When we contacted them Pip was aggressive and nervous, with little confidence.  He had attacked our smaller dog a few times and was an all-around bully to her.  He also had a very difficult time being left alone.  Philip and Michelle helped to build up his confidence and in turn helped to lessen his aggressive and nervous behaviors.  Their dog Loki also helped to lessen his aggressive and nervous behaviors.  Their dog Loki also helped socialize Pip and was impressively well trained.  Pip now gets along with our smaller dog, Tootsie, and is more at ease when we leave him alone.  In the six weeks that we’ve worked with them I can see that our Pip is a different dog.  He’s happier, more relaxed, and more at ease.  Philip and Michelle were always accommodating and welcomed any and all questions we had through the training process.  We would highly recommend K.O. Dog Training!”

Cynthia S.  – 05/02/2017


Yellow Labrador Mix

“Very good service tailored to my dog’s needs.  Highly recommend!  Excellent.”

 Kent D. – 04/21/2017


Pit/Chow/Boxer Mix

“Thank you K.O.!  K.O. Dog Training has provided my wife and me with the ability to walk our dog in a controlled and predictable manner.  Since our dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier, she is (was) prone to pull on the leash with immense force (like a team of horses), which on some occasions had caused my wife to fall and sustain injury.  Moreover, our dog now responds to commands (as training is still in the initial phase) like “come”, “sit”, “focus”, “stop” and “down” (as in lay down).  The rate at which our dog is learning, she should be able to do our income taxes before April 15.” 

 Bill R. – 03/17/2017


Siberian Husky

“Highly Recommended!!!   Great trainers for our puppy, although our dog is obviously smarter than us and Michelle and Philip seem to be training us more than our dog!”

Kelly S. – 02/24/2017


 Doberman Pinscher

“Philip is an excellent trainer.  We acquired a young, energetic, fun loving Doberman, Gabriel, who was beyond our ability to train.  After trying another person w/o success we heard about Philip.  He came to our house for about an hour and evaluated both us and our energetic puppy.  Gabriel immediately responded to him and thrived under his tutelage.  Philip worked diligently with the help of his wife Michelle to hone in on Gabe’s response style and consequently taught my husband and I how to encourage Gabriel to obey.  With his training we have a much more obedient pet which makes for a much more pleasant household!  We highly recommend K.O. Dog Training.” 

Karen G. – 01/16/2017


Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Mix

“Awesome Trainers!  Basic Obedience training, and training my dog not to pull on the leash.  Philip and Michelle Kaough were awesome with my dog.  I would highly recommend Philip and Michelle to people with new puppies.  They have a true understanding of dogs and their underlying motivators.  They helped my husband and I see how vital structure and consistency is for Bo’s happiness and well-being.  I really hope in the future that we get to continue to the next level of training class with them.” 

 Wanda H. – 01/04/2017


Dachshund & Terrier/Chihuahua Mix

“I enrolled my two dogs in a 6 week class for basic commands.  I quickly realized that I was the one that really required the training.  I am pleased with the results of our training and now with continued repetition, I will have the well behaved dogs I hoped for.  Philip is an excellent, knowledgeable trainer that I would highly recommend.”

 Vicki H. – 12/28/2016



“Mr. Kaough is one of a kind.  Always encouraging to me and Howie even when I might get frustrated.  Very flexible with my crazy work schedule.  And always made himself available for questions or advice outside of training sessions.” 

 Marissa K. – 10/09/2016


German Shepherd

“Very good dog trainer.  Have been working with him for about 6 months now.  We are training my 2 year old Shepherd for my service dog for PTSD.  I can now leave Rocky my dogs site for 5 minutes where he can’t see me and he stays.  What impressed me is Philip has a service dog for PTSD he trained himself.  I have recommended him to several people and they all say the same thing, he is a great trainer and he knows what he is doing.  I highly recommend him.” 

 Joanne P. – 08/18/2016


West Highland White Terrier

“Philip came to my house to evaluate my dog.  We had training sessions in a fenced area where we taught her basic commands and walking on a leash.  He and his wife/co-trainer helped us to get Siri through basic training and walking on roads and sidewalks.  He is excellent in communicating how to effectively get your dog to listen and obey commands.  I have enjoyed our training sessions and recommend anyone who wants one on one training to go to Philip.” 

 Katherine F. – 08/11/2016


Labrador Retriver

“Excellent trainers with a real love for dogs.  My black lab is responding well to his gentle but firm instruction.  I am well pleased!”

Jill C. – 03/31/2016


Chihuahua/Pekingese Mix

“We had basic puppy training with commands and were very satisfied with the outcome.  The trainer was very professional and knowledgeable and had excellent rapport with our dog and us.  We would highly recommend him.” 

Alan & Barbara A. – 03/06/2016


Lab/Pit Mix

“Mr. Philip connected with Karter, my dog, and did all he could to determine what would and wouldn’t work for him as far as training.  Karter would have his days when he didn’t want to work but he never gave up on him and to this day Karter listens a lot better.  They make sure to show you exactly what you need to do when you are practicing at home and you can just sense his love for dogs at every session.  I would definitely recommend K.O. Dog Training to anyone looking for help with their dog(s).” 

LaKeysha G. – 02/19/2016


Hound Mix

“We did the 8 week basic obedience.  Before we started to train our 9 month old puppy pulled and bit at the leash, would not come when called, and jumped on kids!  Now he comes, sits, stays, our 5 year old walks him on the leash, and he stays!” 

Jamie M. – 01/31/2016


Terrier Mix

“My dog ‘Mister’ had lost control on a leash because his mistress wasn’t using the proper commands required for a good walk.  K.O. Training changed all that, and now our walks are most pleasant.”

Lynn L. – 10/30/2015


Pit/Lab Mix

“Great people and so glad I went to him with my dog.  1000 times better behaved now than before.”

Jacob B. – 10/26/2015


English Bull Terrier

“Trainer is very patient and kind.  He really knows about dogs and how they should be trained.  I would certainly recommend him to anyone with a problem dog or a new puppy.” 

Jesse E. – 09/30/2015